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Simplifying & Accelerating Data Processing in Hadoop


Explore Hadoop’s strengths & weaknesses; then see how you can improve performance for data processing & ETL

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Hadoop, MapReduce, ETL, Syncsort DMExpress for Hadoop

Today, Hadoop is rapidly gaining adoption as it enables all types of organizations to process and analyze large amounts of data at significantly lower cost. But, while Hadoop can excel at processing Big Data at scale, it is still immature in many ways. This white paper explains what you need to know to make the most of your Hadoop investment.

In this white paper you’ll learn:

  • Hadoop basics and what you need to know about its strengths and weaknesses
  • How Hadoop is used for various extract-transform-load (ETL) processing tasks
  • How Syncsort can simplify and accelerate your data processing in Hadoop